Mail Services

Mail Services is part of Facility Operations and is located at the loading dock area of the Service Building. Mail Services is responsible for the pick-up and delivery of all incoming and outgoing United States Postal Services (USPS) mail including: First class mail, Bulk mail, Library rate, Business reply, Express, Certified, and Air mail. For additional information, check out the U.S. Postal Service.

Mail Services also delivers inter-campus documents and packages. Outgoing mail is processed by a third party mailing service. Incoming personal mail and packages addressed to employees that are not related to university business are not permitted.

Do you have confidential materials that need to be destroyed? If so, mail services can help. Please complete a work request to have sensitive documents picked up. Confidential materials should be secured in a box (preferably no larger than paper box size) with a confidential label completely filled out and taped to the top of EACH box. Forms can be obtained both online or by contacting the Facility Operations office. Please print forms on colored paper for identification purposes. All documents are kept in a secured location until destroyed by a certified third party vendor.

If you notice a problem, please submit a work request as soon as it is discovered. Emergency situations should be phoned in to Facility Operations at (812) 941-2330. For emergency situations after normal business hours contact University Police at (812) 941-2400.

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