Diversity Curriculum at IU Southeast

I. General Education Diversity Requirements

(effective for students entering Fall 2007 & after)

  1. Number and Level of Courses - All students are required to take one course from the list of approved courses in diversity.
  2. Student Learning Outcomes of Courses - Diversity courses should prepare students to know and/or be able to
    1. Explain how a person's social status (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, origin, and disability) shapes his/her perspective.
    2. Identify significant variations and commonalities among peoples of different cultural groups.
    3. Evaluate how a person's own cultural context influences how he or she perceives people of a different cultural context.
    4. Recognize how personal and systematic discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes impact lives and relationships.
  3. List of Approved Courses - The General Education Course List shows the descriptions of courses that have been approved by the General Education Committee as meeting the above student learning outcomes:

II. Diversity Requirements of the Undergraduate Major

In addition to the General Education Diversity Requirement for all undergraduate degrees, for requirements specific to each degree, see the web site that describes that degree.

Diversity Requirements of the Undergraduate Major

School of Arts and Letters

BA Communication

  • Advertising
  • Speech S122
  • Theatre T275

BA English

  • Writing All Diversity Courses
  • Literature L351; L352; L354

BA/BFA Fine Arts A402, A362, A451, A458
BA French F363
BA German G363, G464
BA Individualized Major
BA Music Music Lit & History courses
BA Philosophy P334, P394

  • Traditional track
  • Religious Studies

BA Spanish S411, S412

School of Business

BS Business BUS-Z302
BA Economics ECON-E333

School of Education

BS Elementary Education M300, K205
BS Secondary Education HIST-F100, G100
BS Special Education M470

School of Natural Sciences

BA/BS Biology B373, B375, L311/319, B370, L403
BA/BS Chemistry NA
BA Geosciences GEOG-G110, G201, G323, G326, G425
BA/BS Mathematics MATH-M380
AS/BS Computer Science

  • Information Systems C445, C446
  • Math/Science C445, C446

BS Clinical Laboratory Science
BS Informatics Required International Dimension courses

School of Nursing

BS Nursing B232, S472/473, H351/352, B244

  • Generic
  • RN mobility

School of Social Sciences

BA History HIST-F100, G100, E100, H207, F232
BA International Studies POLS-Y107, Y109
AS/BA Journalism JOUR-C200
BA Political Science Y107, Y109
BA Psychology PSY-P 101, P102
BA Sociology SOC-S163
BS Criminal Justice Any course on list

Division of Continuing Studies

BGS General Studies

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LAST CAB Meeting

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Study Buddies

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