Communication Studies

Where you’ll explore messaging, media, creativity, and much more

Think about your future career. Envision solving problems as a member of a team. Imagine knowing your audience and crafting messages that will have the greatest impact on them. You can manage a project effectively and have strong writing and presentation skills. You are a strategic and creative thinker and a solid researcher. In short, you are succeeding in the communication industry. You will gain all these skills—and so many more—as a Communication Studies student at IU Southeast.

We offer three innovative programs, all with a focus on career-readiness. Courses are packed with real-world projects and experiences based on industry practices and professional standards. From developing a crisis management plan to creating an advertising campaign to crafting content for social media to delivering a podcast over internet radio, you’ll be immersed in experiences that will enable you to both visualize and actively participate in how the professional world works.

Degree Programs

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Multimedia Journalism

Learn how to use mass media in its many different forms to inform, entertain, and enlighten humanity. Important for any career where gathering information, finding the truth, discovering the valuable, and communicating this to the world is essential.


Bachelor of Science with a Multimedia Journalism Concentration

Bachelor of Arts with a Multimedia Journalism Concentration

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Strategic Communication

Find out how we use creative and strategic messaging to craft campaigns, persuade audiences, and build strong brands. Ideal for careers in advertising, public relations, social and digital media, integrated brand communications, and more.


Bachelor of Science with a Strategic Communication Concentration

Bachelor of Arts with a Strategic Communication Concentration

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Organizational Communication

See how organizational members and leaders create a strong culture, manage conflict and crisis, and develop best practices. Great for careers in human resources, sales, leadership, corporate communication, and more.


Bachelor of Arts with an Organizational Communication Concentration

Diverse group of employees in a conference room waving at a monitor during a Zoom call


Students in the Theatre program at IU Southeast receive individualized attention and one-on-one interactions with faculty while exploring performance and design. Participate in real on-stage productions to become an active member of the theatre community while developing directing, performing, and set, costume, and lighting design skills.

Learn more about our Theater degree.

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