2024 Commencement ceremony recording

View the 2024 IU Southeast Commencement ceremony recording that took place on May 6, 2024.

2024 IU Southeast Commencement

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Oh. M. G. On. He Again. All right. As for this, we're just going to do the repeated set one section 40 42 pick up the other section, repeat pick up into 42. And then the ending, we just repeat back and M. Friends and colleagues, good morning. Is this graduation day? Let's strike again. Good morning. As we begin our commencement ceremony, will everyone who's able, please remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem, which will be led by Lane Warren, a member of the class of 2024. Y. Can you see Booth. What's a blast gleam. Whose strip bright stars for the pre Please be seated. Thank you, Lane, and we'll have another amazing member of the class of 2024. Lauren Miller leading us in song later in today's ceremony. Now, I have to tell you the focus today, of course, is graduation for the folks at the center of our universe, which are students. We're watching and we're a little bit worried about the weather, so we want to get the good parts in. So we're going to shorten the ceremony a little bit today. Okay. We're going to shorten it a lot of bit today. And so what that means, first of all, is normally, we would identify, recognize and thank individually all the amazing people on the platform with me. Rather than do that, can we just give one big hurrah for all the people on the stage. And both the Chancellor and I will be greatly reducing any remarks we might have to make sure we get all the student pieces in today. Okay. So members of the class of 2024. I want, of course, formally welcome you all to the 195th annual commencement of Indiana University and the 56th commencement exercises for the beautiful Indiana University Southeast. I'm especially pleased. I agree. I'm especially pleased to welcome the parents and wives, husbands, partners, children, relatives and friends who have helped to make this day possible. It's really a remarkable achievement, and we're so glad to all be able to celebrate it together. We share your pride in this incredible accomplishment for all our students. So now, it's my pleasure to invite to the podium Deborah Ford, the amazing chancellor of the Indiana University Southeast campus. Thank you, President Whitten, and congratulations to the class of 2024. I do have a few brief introductions. I would like to ask the 2024 Indiana University Southeast Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Wendy Dan Chester to please stand. Miss Chester is the Chief Director of Corporate Strategy and External Affairs at River Ridge Development Authority, and she is a proud Indiana University Southeast graduate in Business Management from 1991. Congratulations, Wendy. I would also like to recognize this morning and ask you to salute the faculty members of Indiana University Southeast. Would you please rise to be recognized? Thank you so much for inspiring our graduate in ways that will last a lifetime. I would also like for you to join me in recognizing all of the staff of Indiana University Southeast who have made today's event and every day, a wonderful day here at our university. A round of applause for our staff who are spread out all over campus. Okay. And finally, I ask our graduates to look around. Your family and friends are here. Their support and encouragement have been invaluable for you on this journey to receive your university degree. So would you join me? Please stand if you are able and salute and thank your family and friends for being here. Graduates, thank your family and friends. Okay. Please be seated. And now, we would like to welcome the class of 2024 to the Indiana University Alumni family. Look around you and look around the world. A global network 760,000 strong. A network of innovators who see the world differently. Leaders who act with courage and service of the good of all. Dreamers who refused to accept the status quo. Champions who never quit. Healers who are committed to making the world a better place. Drivers, creators, doers who bring Indiana Pride and Indiana excellence into everything they do. And today, we welcome you into their ranks. Collaboration, commitment, inclusion, pride. It isn't the kind of tradition that just lives in old pictures. It isn't the kind of history you only find in books. This is a history we write every day. This is tradition we build with every step we take. We are Indiana's legacy. You are Indiana's legacy. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Good morning, I U Southeast. Some people. My name is Zachary Nelson, and I am an undergraduate getting a bachelor's in Computer Science from the School of Natural Sciences. Would all members of the class of 2024 stand as you are able? And would all previous graduates of IU in the audience and on the stage. Please stand if you are able. 2024 graduates. Look around you. Today, you'll join IU's Global Network of more than three quarters of 1 million alumni. We know those of you who are graduating today will continue to enhance the worldwide reputation of IU and bring distinction and honor to the Alma Matter. It's up to us to maintain IU's tradition of excellence. And I challenge each of you to support your university and your alumni association with your time and your talent. Congratulations class of 24. Thank you. Please be seated. Thank you, Zachary. To you and all members of the class of 2024, I offer congratulations on your induction into the Indiana University Alumni Association. Now it is my privilege to introduce miss Kasia Jones to the podium for the student Commencement address, Kasia. Good morning, everyone. Thank you for being here today to celebrate the 2024 commencement ceremony. My name is Keziah Jones, and it's a privilege to stand before you a graduate of the IU Southeast School of Nursing. We are so thankful for the friends and family who have joined us today. This celebration is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication on the part of these graduating students, as well as the IU Southeast faculty and staff, without whom none of this would have been possible. When looking back over the past four years and considering the significance of this milestone event, one word in particular comes to mind. Legacy. I've heard the idea of legacy described many ways. But the description, I believe that captures it best, it comes from a quote that a friend of mine shared. Your legacy is not what people will say when you're gone. It's about what they will do differently because they knew you. As Grenadiers, we've been blessed with countless opportunities to see this concept lived out in the leaders around us. For many of us, this legacy started in our homes, with our families, or within our communities who have invested in us. Many of us have experienced support through the successes and challenges we have faced, and our loved ones have inspired us to pursue excellence in our academic and personal lives. I'll forever be grateful for my own family and the investment my parents have made in my siblings and myself. They have been a source of encouragement, support, and honesty that I could count on, and I hope one day, be able to invest in my own children and kind. Our families are not the only leaders who have inspired us. As students at Indiana University Southeast, we've also had leaders on this campus demonstrate what it means to build a legacy. This occurs not only in the classroom, but also in the opportunities made available for students to learn and grow outside of their classes. I've been fortunate to have been able to collaborate with IU Southeast faculty and staff on many projects, including research, mentoring, and tutoring roles on campus. Learning to build a legacy has also included opportunities to serve and learn in other leadership roles on campus, none of which would have been possible without the leadership of others who invested in me and in other students. Take a moment to look at each of the graduates around you today. Each one can give testimony to the opportunities that IU South East has provided as an enrichment to their college education and an investment in their legacy. To each faculty and staff member, the class of 2024 would like to say thank you for your dedication and your investment in each of us. These thoughts on legacy are echoed by an American icon, Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers reminded us, there is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person. To the 2024 graduating class of Indiana University Southeast, my charge for us is to learn from those who have gone before us, blazed a trail for us to follow, set a standard of excellence, and you have faithfully invested in us. Let's not take that for granted, but rather learn from it and carry their legacy forward. Each of us has an impact, whether it's in our homes, with our families, in our workplace, in our friend groups, or in our communities at large. As the leaders of tomorrow, may we strive to leave a legacy worth emulating and one that encourages others. May we invest our gifts, time, and experience in those around us? Lead by example, work with excellence. Stand for those who cannot stand for themselves and leave each place a little better than when we arrived. Let's build our legacy. Congratulations to the class of 2024. We did it. Thank you, Kasia, for those inspiring words. Please accept our sincere best wishes to you and your future endeavors. Graduates, Commencement Day is my favorite day of the year on campus. So now we have come to the central moment of this commencement ceremony, the conferral of Degrees. Yes. Okay. The names of the candidates are listed in your programs. I invite your attention to the fact that some candidates have been awarded honors in general scholarship. They are wearing distinguished cords. The significance of these chords is explained in the honor Cord section of your programs. In addition, many of our students have earned departmental or school honors or are members of academic honor societies. Indiana University holds all of its graduates in high esteem and takes an added measure of pride in those who have excelled academically. I now ask those candidates who have attained departmental or school honors or who belong to an academic honor society to please stand. A honors students Congratulations. Please be seated. Our graduating students who are veterans, are currently in the US Armed forces are wearing red white and blue cords. Will our veterans and active duty military please stand to be recognized? Thank you for your service. Please be seated. The candidates in the class of 2024 will now be presented for degrees. President Whitten will confer degrees after all the candidates have been introduced. So this is your chance. Listen. So first, we will start with our degree candidates for the associate degrees here at Indiana University. Will those receiving an associate's degree stand. Let's give them a round of applause. Please remain standing. Will those candidates for bachelor's degrees, please stand and remain standing. Will all candidates for master's degrees, please stand. These candidates meeting all requirements for the degrees indicated are recommended by the faculty for the conferral of their degrees. Congratulations, graduate. Okay. I now invite the members of the class of 2024 to come forward as directed by the marshals. Seth Chalfan Dean of Student Life will announce the names of the graduates, and I will be presenting your diploma covers. Congratulations again, graduates. Okay. We will begin with the School of Arts and Letters. Kirsten Lee Davis. Stephen Joseph Pete Meyer. Benjamin Robert Atkins. Isabella Marie Thompson. Cally M Thompson. Emily Michelle Lynn Butler. Scott Ulric, Rachel K Gaines. Christian Vernon Scott. Abigail Marie Schnell, Cynthia L Nokes. Crystal Sue Pots. Leslie E Tapia Trent. Mohammad SrijiG second. Brian Nicole Hager. Bethany Nicole Eldridge. William Tyler France. Nathan Andrew Grant. Tyler Joseph Schafer, Luke Spine. Dylan Robert Cost. Rice L Hatton. Gwendolyn Grace Champan Rebeca Henderson, Bailey Jean Riley. Lauren Denise Miller, Valerie Joe Webb. Gabriel Alisha Robinson. Okay. Olefmi Karim. Lane Warren. Elizabeth Ann Svizki. Adam J Fray, Cheyanne Sanders, Raymond Walter Kimball. Anna Sophia Fuentes Vega, Jeanette Brown, Chris Gartin. Cavan Shores. Virginia and Stro Madison Shea Schneider. Marissa A Murphy, Bailey Michelle Mclean. Lauren Marie Am. Gracie A Noel. Olivia Lynn McCurdy. Marie K Pearson. Cameron Brooks Sidebottom. Card lies Brown. William Joseph Glover. Leslie Falcon Barnett. Isabella C Siebert. Juliana Joy Juba. Kylie Herring. Colina Takara Topol. Janice M Henderson. Griffin Webster. Morgan Ashley Bobo. Alexis Danielle Engler. Rebecca Lynn Brosmer Regina D Asparza Ryan Glen Barrett, Christi Lynn Napier. Grady Bryce Cunningham. Rachel Atkins, Sidney G Juliet. Sarah Elizabeth Morris. Lauren Hargrove. Ashley Bridwell. Gillian Danielle Clan. Brenna Sinclair Henderson. Sophia Gabrielle Ann Egger. Courtney Rene Kessinger. Alyssa Beth Pumphrey. Gillian Elizabeth Wise. Nicole F Jackson. M M Salisbury. Miles Wesley Bond. Matthew P Riger Stephanie E Dickerson. Jasmine Michelle Johnson. Courtney Danielle Mills. Noelia Ratky Matia Watts. Zerk Matthias Coates. Dawson R Swift. Kay L Brown. Levi Edward Daly. Dennis Stock. Devin Stock Kalita Rahim. Craig Stephen Penick junior. Cameron Williams. Kevin Michael Keck. Shelby Blake Goldsmith. Lita Esmeralda Reyes School of Natural Sciences, Jeremy Ross Huff. Avery T Jordan. Ethan M Harrig. Christian Martinez. Garrett B Irvin. Samuel I Gasper. Jason Puckett. Braydon Nathaniel Hargis. Zachary Nelson. Dylan Matthew Eversman K Roof Astrid Magana. Dylan Kade Robbins. Devin Matthew Davis. Aaron Elizabeth Colson. Christina Crockett. William Oakley. Kyla Lin alt Shouse. Makayla Marie Kline. Rachel Montez. Emma Grace Wood. Nathaniel Claman Gray. Riley Page Conard Abgari Grim. Fatima lzara Mote. Damon Lamont Scott the Second. Bailey Linn Black Sharen Don Sanders. Jan Gerald Gornick Sarah I Lunde Zoe Fay Jones. Russell Colton Duff. Haley M Smith. Thomas W Tudor. Ryan C Hearst. Nicholas A Gov. Nathan Grant Massey. Elizabeth Danin Middle. Nesta Abdur mad. Kay Rene Was. Megan J Schwartz. Kia D Burton. Miriam La Seth Vali Mendoza. Anne Marie Rose Fresh hour. Anna Tomes. Alexa D Safrid Haley Grace Overton. Cody Braydon Dogg. Elliot Francis Lanman. Joshua Caleb Barnes. Jada Lynn Howard. Jimmy Vo. Jacob Briggs. Sky T. Don Marie Part. Casey Anne Weber. Jamal Mald Madi. School of Social Sciences. Brandon Marcus Visa Chase. Alice Marie Messer. Heather Marie Nil. John Raymond Cummings Junior. Sydney Sierra Smith. Ally Joe Baker. Alyssa Bannett. Elena Shea Wood. Chloe Mason Roberts. Nicholas H Gugell Courtney Nicole Jackson. William David Reed Junior. Camille Christine Leach, Anna Riggs. Robert Ray Frederick Junior. Jordan Nicholas Render. Amanda Lee Nathaniel Scott Childers. Ashley Elizabeth Wilder. Amber Christine Blankenship, Burdine Caitlin Faith Burdine, Jessica Elizabeth Or. Eric C Larkins. Julia Adams. Benjamin Forsyth. Ales Neve Claxton. Jenna Lucile Watson. Brena Jolie Erwin. Make Lane Hawkins. Zoe Alexis Clemens. Rice Jordan Grace. Abigail E Bodart Asha Warren. Emily Kurd. Levi Ray Broger Madeline L Davidson. Kay Suzanne. Matthew Gear, Alison Rene Grimes. Derek Ray Sinex. Dallas Catherine Roberts. Faith Jolie Wilder. Avery Nicole Vormbrock Caitlin Ann Tempman Aaron Nicole Temple. Emily Danielle Edwards. Alexis An Franks. Jacob Thomas Ott. Monia Yasser. Vanessa Alcantar Kamari Jade Marsh. Fiona Elaine Vander hd. Colby Rene Jones Haley M Depert Lindsey K Castor. Caitlin V Scurvn Emily Ray Perez. Kay Bath Blair. Stephanie Anne Schroeder. Kay Jean Newsome. Brandon Wilson. Shane M Terrell. Kennedy Rene Hom A D Polio Sadie B Bauer Elizabeth Alfonso Ortiz. Kivana Marie Riley. Logan Michael Carter. Connor S Ferguson. Nathaniel Lewis Pop. Drew Thornton. Ethan Thornton. Morgan Riley Akins. Aaron M Jenkins. Sarah K Smith. Jade Rene Shan Chance D Howard. Halley Rebecca Ferguson. Isaiah James Steele. Alison Justice Anthony Levi Bennett. Daniel Ky Rose Hall. Morgan Taylor Hutsll Kenneth Cortez Williams third. Ja Lynn Michelle Garrett. Jenn Anna Lee Layman. Gel. Julia W Strig Brooklyn H. Cassandra Carmen Roman. Helen Elizabeth Johnston. Joanne Marie Newn Cary Virginia Robinson Burns. Jordan Scott Privateera Mac Marvin McCutchen. Taylor Chamberlain. Julia Hope King. Jen Kendall Cox. Carson Robert Cox. Braydon Hazelwood. Eric Andrew White house. Riley Michelle Les. Alexandria Nicole Chat. Michelle Faith Priester Alison Lambert. Tyson Ledell Glenn. Reagan A Mock. Tamara A Barker. Katherine Page Marie Davis. Now for the School of Business, Tarian M Adams. Eli R Pryor. Jacob Dylan Scott. Brittany Lee Schmidt Anna Eileen Crystal L Pendleton. Ken Marie Caufield. Erin Reese Vanover, Kyla Sue Schafer Bryce P Polk John Seth Barger. Brian Thomas Miller third. Kyle Madison Leftwich. Sydney Marie Colvin. Timothy Renners Eli C Franks. Colby Ryan Bentley. Lauren McKenzie Yoder. Stefan Mark av Shubrav D Gupte. John F Berndo Kelly Or. Daisy Marie Goodman. Maisha Washington. Malati Tapa Basnet Gjan and Molcar Prakash Gary. San A Adam. Sarah Silvers Mark A Davenport. Lily Catherine arc Jessica Marshall Oltman. Chat Nath Pate. Nathan Anthony Magaans. Cameron Cary. Alana D Legans Brooke Marie Ryan. Sharon R Kish. Noah Wayne Talley. Kenneth Grant Allen. Emily Robinson. Hanna Elizabeth Scott. Lindsay Rene Baker. Kay Alyssa Stewart. Juan Carlos Lopez Bernal. Sidney Gail Thomas. 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Rebecca Christina Risley. Riley Emma Anderson. Abigail Lynn East Jana Tera Ricketts. Nay. Naya Desiree Dennison. School of Nursing. Chelsea A Bojero Burwell. Emily Rene Ziegler. Holly Nicole Cary. Casey Irene Jordan. Chelsea Danielle Dodson. Teresa Sailing. Jessica Rose Lau, Christie Stocker. A Gavin Houston Done. At Decam denke A rio. Garrett Wiseman. A Eliza. Margaret Olivia Karkowsky. Stephanie Nicole Bischoff. Ryan Nicholas Hammond Junior. Caleb E Asto Alyssa Marie Perkins. Isabel Galen Clawll. Cora Lynn Cole. Zoe Lynn Wallace. Meghan E Gogol. Riley Catherine Sha Meade. Stephanie Alfaro. Brian Nicole Sturgeon. Katie Michelle Matlock. Gabriella Lee Cardell. Emma C Arnold. Ruby Sage Quinn, Reena Self. Haley Nicole Dotson. Madison Elizabeth Wilcox. Macy Rene Zinc Angela Hampton. Morgan Kyle O'Daniel. Keziah Noel Jones. Amanda Lane Castle. Alexis Rose Strig Kaylyn E Hall. Brook Lynn Casey. Madison Nicole Flick. Hannah Rene Brown. Maria Woods. Brandy Marie Burger. Samantha Ashley Burnett. Our last graduate today. Jennifer Brook Schultz. Congratulations. Okay. Well, graduates. Today, you are graduating into a world where complexity and change are the norm. In this environment, you're going to face unique challenges and you're going to be granted a broad array of opportunities as well. And we can't say for certain what awaits. But what we can say is this. The world needs principled leaders. The world needs thoughtful, tenacious and imaginative innovators, which is to say that the world needs all of you. And you're ready. You're prepared because today you cross a threshold. Today, you become an Indiana graduate. The Indiana graduate stands where the best of what we have been meets the unwritten story of what we can be. And you will write that story. You'll write it in your own words and in the authentic, wonderful way that you all express yourself. Your actions, in your careers, in your family life, as you build your community, and as you all better our world, will create an amazing story, one that is unique and one that no one else can write. But you won't write it alone, and it will not stand alone, but alongside those of more than three quarters of 1 million fellow Indiana University alumni. Your story will inspire others, the future generations of I your graduates who too will sit where you are right now ready to embrace the opportunities of their own extraordinary time. Today is your day. Remember this and please remember each other. All of Indiana University is so proud of you for everything you've done and for everything that you're about to do. Congratulations class of 2024. Okay, so now we're going to make this official. There's some specific words that I have to say. So I'm going to ask all candidates who are able to please stand one last time. Candidates by the authority vested in me by the trustees of Indiana University. I am proud to confer upon you the degrees recommended by the faculty with all attendant rights and responsibilities. I now invite those of you earning your first college degrees to move your tassel to the left side of your cap and then throw that cap as high as you can. Congratulations. Now I will invite everyone, as well as our graduates to stand with us as we close our ceremony today and link arms as we do at IU and join us in our tradition of singing Hadu Again, congratulations. So with She is Okay. Mm. All right. All right. 1341.

Commencement Ceremony

Date: Monday, May 6, 2024

Time: Processional at 9:30* a.m., Ceremony at 10 a.m.
*The processional start time is approximate.

Location: The Caesars Foundation of Floyd County Amphitheater
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150

Two young women in IU stoles and honor cords take a quick pic together after the ceremony
IU's president poses with an IU Northwest graduate
A graduate student waves to the crowd

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