Mission and Vision

Mission statement

The mission of the Indiana University Southeast School of Business is to provide a high-quality business education and to make a positive impact on our students and our community.

The Meaning of Our Mission

  • We are a publicly-supported, regional teaching institution that proudly serves the Southern Indiana and Greater Louisville area.
  • We value teaching excellence and enhance student learning through a culture of continuous improvement and faculty instructional effectiveness.
  • We equip students with intellectual capital that will enable them to have successful careers, delivered through a well-respected, high-quality, and accessible education.
  • We provide both traditional and non-traditional students with a quality education for a lifetime of achievement.
  • We offer a challenging, innovative, and supportive learning environment that enables students to achieve their potential through accredited graduate and undergraduate programs.
  • We enhance faculty intellectual capital and support advancement of knowledge through pedagogical research, discipline-based scholarship, and contributions to practice.
  • We are committed to engagement by fostering relationships among the university, our students, and community through professional service activities and student involvement.


“To be a Premier Regional School of Business”

Our vision is to be a premier regional school of business, serving our region comprised of Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville metropolitan area.

Diversity and Commitment Statement

The Indiana University Southeast School of Business welcomes diversity and fosters a warm and inclusive environment where all can thrive, regardless of demographic backgrounds, ideologies, and world views. We recognize that such an environment is a fundamental precursor to achieving our mission of advancing knowledge. Specifically, diversity allows us to discover new problems and solutions, and view existing circumstances, challenges, and opportunities from various perspectives. The School of Business develops a culture of belonging by removing barriers to success for all and encouraging respectful dialogue among those with opposing views. As such, the School prepares students, faculty, and staff to be valuable and contributing members of our multi-faceted and increasingly connected world.

Indiana University Southeast

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New Albany, IN 47150
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