Welcome to Indiana University Southeast, School of Arts and Letters (A&L); we're glad you're here! As you work toward completing your program of study, a major and/or a minor, there will be many people here to assist you. We recognize that the decision that you have made may take some time and that you may make changes along the way. The Professional Advisor and Faculty in the School of Arts and Letters (A&L) are ready to help. This site will give you an overview of the process, the requirements for degrees (Academic Advisement Report), and the resources available to you.

As you begin your undergraduate studies at IU Southeast, we invite you to become familiar with the resources for advising made available to you. Academic advising is a responsibility shared between you and your advisor; each of you plays an important role in the success of this relationship.

As an undergraduate student here, you will receive assistance from your school advisor as you plan your courses. The office, the location, and phone number are listed below:

Photo of Gregory Roberts M.A.

Gregory Roberts M.A.

Assistant to the Dean, School of Arts and Letters
Lead Academic Advisor, School of Arts & Letters
BAS & BIS Coordinator – Applied Science

Knobview Hall 110U
Phone: (812) 941-2584

Photo of Shane Thomas M.A.

Shane Thomas M.A.

Academic Advisor & Director

Knobview Hall 110W
Phone: (812) 941-2642

To Schedule An Appointment

Gregory Roberts and Jen Daniel are the Professional Academic Advisors for the School of Arts and Letters. If you are an IU Southeast student who has just declared a major in the School of Arts and Letters, then you should make an appointment with Mr. Roberts or Ms. Thomas in Knobview 110.

If you are a transfer student from another university, you need to have the admissions office to update your information for the School of Arts and Letters (Knobview 110). At that point, you should make an appointment with Mr. Roberts or Ms. Daniel in Knobview 110.

Overview of Requirements

To receive a bachelor's degree from IU Southeast, School of Arts and Letters (A&L), you will complete all General Education requirements as well as your major core courses and any electives to total 120 credit hours. Some students have multiple majors and/or minors and some programs have additional requirements. Your A&L advisor will answer your questions, help you choose the best courses for you, and ensure that you are on track toward successful completion of a degree from IU Southeast.

Your A&L Advisor will assist you in working to meet all university requirements. The Faculty Advisors provide assistance with the specific requirements in your major and act as mentors. Both play an important role and have a depth of knowledge to share with you. Together they will ensure that you make the most of the opportunities available to you at IU Southeast!


Academic advising is a shared responsibility between the student and the advisor. Students are expected to be prepared for their advising appointment by selecting a tentative schedule of classes to discuss with their advisor.

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