Hands-On Learning and Research

Learning for real life

Many students tell us they learn better through hands-on learning. Hands-on learning at IU Southeast is spread throughout our majors and minors, and is a big part of our campus life activities.

Because our faculty and staff have spent decades building relationships with regional industry leaders, we know the skills they are looking for when recruiting new employees, and we prioritize your skill development through research and creativity projects, giving you an edge in skill-building over other educational institutions.

That edge will help land you your dream job. While some hands-on learning comes from off-campus excursions, much of it happens across campus every day in our labs, studios, and through activities.

We focus on getting you prepared for your future. Not just an education. An experience.

Horizon Media

Enhance news gathering or radio commentary skills with our student media group, which allows you to be the writer, photographer, or producer for our student news site, student social media accounts, and broadcast internet radio station.

The Design Studio

Is an advertising agency gig in your future? Our graphic arts and communications students develop creative campaign solutions for local clients and learn to manage relationships while pitching ideas, just like a top agency.

Natural and Laboratory Learning

There are many opportunities to work with faculty in the natural sciences both in a lab and outdoors on research that ranges from marking trails, managing a beehive, and mapping trees to isolating phages and fermentation science.

Sales Lab

Is the art of the deal in your future? Preparing students for success in sales related careers, our sales lab incorporates student learning and feedback through role playing. Student in sales also compete in national and local sales competitions.

Reacting to the Past

Students of history, political science, and international studies roleplay persuasion, negotiation, and analysis like those at the United Nations, or reenact major historical moments like the founding of post-Apartheid South Africa or the French Revolution.


Is your world your stage? Learn the art of producing, acting, and staffing theatrical productions using interpersonal, management, and design skills to see a show come to life.

Simulations and Practicums

Nursing and education students get hands-on experiences at hospitals and schools to prepare themselves for the moment they take flight in their professions. Our simulations lab prepares nursing students to be their best prior to arriving in a hospital.

Professional Organizations

Our students attend regional conferences and competitions to network and learn industry trends. Students in Health Information Management, Graphic Arts, Business, and Education, and more frequently attend professional conferences and meetings.

Student Research and Creativity Conference

Students share their research and creative works in poster and presentation sessions, preparing them for business and academic case building.

High-ranking finance students

Finance students competed in and won the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Research Challenge regionals. This marked the fifth time IU Southeast students have won the event.

Three-dimensional creativity

Art students create three-dimensional art displays using unconventional materials, like this winning phoenix sculpture entered in the “#IAmPublicArt” event in New Albany, Indiana.

Rising sales stars

Business students participated in the RNMKRS Virtual Sales Role Play Competition and the RNMKRS Speed Sell Competition, and came away scoring in the top 30%.

Real-world research

Biology students work with Dr. Mukhopadhyay to analyze fish specimens from the IU Southeast Fish and Mussel Collection as part of an original research project.

Are you ready to take your next step by getting career-ready with hands-on experience?