What to Say to a Tobacco User

It is everyone's responsibility, whether staff, faculty, or student, to engage persons on campus to communicate and ensure compliance with this new policy. Communication with community visitors is also important since our facilities are often reserved for outside groups' meetings.

Things to say if you encounter someone in violation of our Tobacco-Free policy:

  • "Here is a card about our tobacco-free policy." (Cards are available from Human Resources.)
  • "For the health of our visitors, students and employees, tobacco use is not allowed on our campus."
  • "Smoking is not permitted anywhere on our campus except in your car."
  • "Please help us by voluntarily following our policy."
  • "Our Human Resources department has free Coping Kits to help you make it through the day."

Please approach people in a kind fashion and not an aggressive or demeaning manner. All people at IU Southeast should be treated with respect. We want them to realize that by making the campus tobacco-free we are striving to create a healthier environment for all who pass through here.

Hand them an information card.

We have created small cards that can be handed to smokers as part of the engagement process. The cards, as shown below, have a simple statement about our policy and some information about resources they may wish to consider using.

Information Card Contents

Each card contains the following information:

This is a tobacco-free campus. Please help us maintain a healthy environment for our students, employees, and visitors by refraining from the use of tobacco products. Smoking on campus is only permitted in your private vehicle.

For additional information visit our tobacco free website.

Want to quit smoking? Here are some options:

  • Contact IU Southeast Human Resources at
  • Our Place (812) 923-3400

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