The IU Southeast modern language faculty highly recommend that you continue your language education as soon as possible after high school. The 60-minute tests in French, German, and Spanish consist of two sections: grammar and reading comprehension. The test results will help you decide at which level you should begin your modern language study at IU Southeast.

Special credit will be awarded if you do well on the test, but there is no penalty if you do not earn credit. If you earn special credit and a language is not required for your degree, the credit you earn can be applied as elective credit to your total hours required for graduation. Picture identification is required. We do not administer the listening comprehension section of the tests listed below.

The modern language tests are administered on campus by appointment in the Student Success Center, US 203. Please call (812) 941-2312 to schedule your modern language placement test.

Modern Language Test Q & A

Q. Do I have to take the French, German, or Spanish placement test?

A. If you have studied two or more years of a language within the past five years, you are required to take the placement test for that language.

Q. What if I studied a language in high school, but I want to study a different language at the university?

A. If you choose to study a language other than the one you studied in high school, you do not have to take the test in the new language.

Q. What if I'm really good in the language I studied in high school, but I want to study another language at the university?

A. You should take the placement test in the language you studied. Even if you earn special credit on that test, you may still study a different language.

Q. What if I took classes but don't remember or never learned any French, German, or Spanish?

A. If you studied the language two or more years within the past five years, you still must take the test. You are encouraged not to guess wildly. Random guessing can give an inaccurate appraisal of your ability in a language. Answer all of the questions you can, take educated guesses, then leave the questions you cannot answer blank.

Q. What if my native language is not English, and I speak or studied a language other than French, German, or Spanish?

A. We can administer other language tests at IU Southeast through arrangements with the Bloomington campus. Please contact the Student Success Center at (812) 941-2312 for more information.

Q. May I use a dictionary or notes when I take the test?

A. No. Dictionaries, books, notes, or any electronic devices are not allowed.

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