Photo of Aimee Adam

Aimee Adam

Associate Professor of Psychology

Crestview Hall 020
Phone: 812-941-2163

Photo of Christine Adams Ph.D.

Christine Adams Ph.D.

Lecturer of Psychology & Neuroscience

Crestview Hall 127
Phone: (812) 941-2279

Photo of Meghan C. Kahn Ph.D.

Meghan C. Kahn Ph.D.

Dean, School of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience

Crestview Hall 140
Phone: (812) 941-2391

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Photo of Robert Lipinski Ph.D.

Robert Lipinski Ph.D.

Lecturer of Psychology

Crestview Hall 012
Phone: (812) 941-2011

Photo of Todd M Manson Ph.D.

Todd M Manson Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Coordinator for Psychology and Neuroscience Programs

Crestview Hall 024
Phone: (812) 941-2861

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Photo of Valérie Bruchon Scott Ph.D.

Valérie Bruchon Scott Ph.D.

Teaching Professor of Psychology
Co-Coordinator of Psychology Department

Crestview Hall 007
Phone: (812) 941-2502

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Photo of Brittany A. Sizemore Ph.D.

Brittany A. Sizemore Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience & Psychology

Crestview Hall 015
Phone: (812) 941-2890

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New Student Orientation

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New Student Orientation

June 18th, 2024

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