Schedule Sheet-Instructions

Complete the Schedule Proof Sheet for any course that you did not teach the corresponding previous term (fall-to-fall; spring-to-spring; summer-to-summer). Save a copy; have the School Dean sign and date it; send a copy (scan, fax, of print) to the Registrar's Office. Retain a copy for your records.

Most of the fields have drop-down boxes or require time, dates, or basic, self-explanatory answers.

There are a few areas that may need clarification in completing this form.

1. SCHEDULE PRINT – even though we no longer "print" schedules, this field controls whether or not the course will be viewable to students.  An example of a course that most often is "hidden" (no print) is a specific Independent Study for one student.

2. RESERVE CAPACITY FOR SPECIFIC POPULATION (MAJOR, STUDENT GROUP) – you may wish to reserve/restrict all of the seats for a specific course to only your majors, or only a certain class. [A couple of examples are: First-year seminars are reserved (restricted) to freshmen only; certain business classes want only their declared majors to take this course.  In contrast, one can "keep out" students by stating that the course is NOT OPEN to a certain population.]

3. RESERVE CAPACITY ENROLLMENT NUMBER (used in conjunction with #2 above) – you may want to limit only a portion of the total enrollment to a specific major; then it is open to all other students. [For example: reserve 10 stops for Business Majors; the remaining 20 spots are open to everyone. There is a total maximum of 30 students in this example.]

4. PRE-REQUISITES (ONLY THOSE THAT PROHIBIT REGISTRATION): If you want this pre-requisite to stop the registration process and not allow a student to register unless the pre-requisite is met, then identify that pre-requisite here. In addition, you must have already identified this request with the Registrar's Office, so it may be coded in the course catalog/scheduling system.

Other pre-requisite statements are more appropriate for footnotes. Remember, placing statements in a footnote does not "stop" the student from registering in the course.

5. COMBINED SECTION; SUBJECT & CATALOG NBR; ENROLLMENT CAPACITY PER COURSE; TOT ENROLL MAX FOR COMBINED CRS- this section identified whether or not you are teaching two different course numbers at the same time/day. [Examples: Fine Art studios, Education elementary and secondary classes; Business undergrad and grad classes; Honors and MLS classes.]

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