Preparation Prior to Submitting Grades

  • Review class rosters in BOTH OnCourse/Canvas and
  • The Record in the official Enrollment Record.
  • >Faculty Center
  • Students MUST be in the correct SECTION; instructors will not be able to add or remove names from electronic rosters.

FLAGS Early Alert System (replaces Mid-Term Grades)

Effective Fall 2012, Indiana University Southeast will no longer require faculty to submit mid-term grades.  Instead, faculty are expected to indicate classroom performance using the FLAGS Early Alert System, located in via the Faculty Center.  Additional information, including instructions and deadlines, can be found on the FLAGS information page

Final Grade - Electronic Grade Submission

  • Use or OnCourse/Canvas to submit grades electronically.
  • For questions, call the Registrar's Office at (812) 941-2240.
  • For OnCourse/Canvas questions, call the ILTE Office at (812) 941-2506.
  • Paper rosters are REQUIRED for Purdue and Metroversity Students.
    • Rosters will be distributed in the appropriate faculty mailboxes.
    • Rosters must be signed and returned to the Registrar's Office, University Center South, Room 107

For students who stopped attending (or never attended) and are still on your Grade Roster

  • If the student stopped attending, the instructor is required to provide a "date of last attendance." Record a grade of "FN" and enter the "date of last attendance." (the box to enter the date will not appear until you "save" the roster). If you do not know the exact date, please identify the "last date of attendance" to the best of your ability. Do NOT use the first day of class unless you know for sure this is the correct date. [The software WILL REQUIRE you to enter a date if you record a FN grade.] The student only sees an "F" as the final grade.
  • The student never attended the class (not even the first day). Record a Grade of "FNN" and leave the last date of attendance 'blank.' [The software will NOT allow you to enter a date if you are recording a FNN grade.] The student only sees an "F" as the final grade.

Final Steps - Grade Processing

  • Registrar will run a process that calculates cumulative GPA and hours on the evening grades are due and statistics will be updated on students' academic records.
  • Registrar will run reports of rosters not submitted; notify School Deans to contact instructors.
  • Registrar will run reports after all grades submitted; identify Incompletes and make sure an "Assignment of Incomplete" form has been submitted for each student.
  • Grade changes/corrections after the final grade roster has been electronically submitted may be done by using the electronic form "e-grade change" found in

Students - Viewing Final Grades

  • Students can view grades through the day after grades are recorded by instructors. However, final cumulative GPA calculations are not run until the night after the last day to submit grades
  • No grade notifications will be mailed to students; they must review their final grades electronically.

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LAST CAB Meeting

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