Organizational Chart


Debbie Ford

Dr. Debbie Ford became Chancellor of IU Southeast in July 2023, becoming the sixth chancellor and second woman chancellor to serve the campus.

Director Rebecca Turner

Student Persistence
Coordinator Josie Hatfield

Honors Program
Director Rebekah Dement

Student Success Coach
Richard Stettenbenz

Writing Center
Director Leigh Ann Meyer

Jay McTyier


Adult & Veteran Students Center
Coordinator Kim Pelle

Admissions & Recruitment
Director Chris Crews

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Director Jennifer Shelley

Student Central
Director Jeri Crawford

Accounting Services
Interim Accounting Lead Stephanie Chastain
Interim Accounting Lead Sarah Ruff

Human Resources and Administration
Interim Team Leader Tammy Royse

Facility Operations
Executive Director Rob Poff

Parking operations
Coordinator Christine Thompson

Police & Safety
Chief Stephen Miller


Manager Julie Faulds


Ogle Center
Director Kirk Randolph

Development and Annual Giving
Director David DeWitt

Corporate and Foundation Grants
Coordinator Jean Borger

Alumni Relations and Campus Events
Director Megan Hicks

Marketing & Communications
Director Nancy Jo Trafton

Diversity & Equity

Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

James Wilkerson

As the director of the Office of Equity and Diversity, James Wilkerson is committed to making the university a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse environment in and outside the classroom.