Social Sciences

This program provides you with a multidisciplinary preparation in social sciences in fields like criminal justice, economics, history, international studies, journalism, political science, psychology and sociology.

The degree prepares you with up to date social science content and methodological skills such as oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, as well as research and problem-solving skills, all of which are vital in today’s workplace.

Special Features

The degree helps students accomplish a range of goals, including incorporating different fields of interest, transferring from a community college with diverse credits, and completing a degree for employment that requires the student to learn new skills important in the workplace.

The degree is specifically designed for students (either transfers to IUS or current students) with over 75 credit hours and those who have not followed a specific degree plan. The degree provides flexibility and a means to graduate in a timely manner with the content and skills you need to achieve your career goals.