Expectations of our mentors

Faculty and staff members

First and second-year students are matched with university faculty and staff who provide valuable one-on-one mentoring connections for students during their crucial transition to college.

  • Teach — share your knowledge and experiences
  • Problem solve — refer students to resources and offer options
  • Motivate — encourage and support students
  • Coach — assist students by providing positive feedback, reinforce good behavior, and provide constructive feedback to help change behavior
  • Guide — help students set realistic goals (specific, time-framed, results-oriented, relevant, and attainable)

Alumni and community members

Third and fourth-year students are matched with university alumni and community members, which is a wonderful opportunity for alumni and community members of all ages to donate their time and experience to current students.

This career-based mentoring is designed to assist current students in learning about careers, meeting professionals, and successfully transitioning into the workforce.

It also provides students with professional development experiences, such as business etiquette, networking, possible job shadowing, and advice on internships from those already practicing in the field or retired.

  • Prepare students for their next steps in life after college
  • Be a connector — seventy percent of jobs are based on connections made
  • Open students’ eyes to career-related possibilities
  • A way to give back and help a student succeed
  • Support the university and the local community

Join us and watch our students grow!

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