Master of Science in Strategic Finance - Managerial Finance

Advanced Financial Analysis Skills for Working Professionals

Advance Your Career in Managerial Finance at IU Southeast

Advance your career as a financial analyst, leveraging your deep understanding of managerial finance to provide critical insights and recommendations. Our program with help you gain the skills and expertise you need to thrive in today's dynamic financial landscape. You'll graduate with advanced knowledge in financial management, strategic planning, and decision-making. Whether it's evaluating investment opportunities or optimizing capital structure, your proficiency will set you apart in the competitive job market.

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IU Southeast graduate business programs are less than half the price of other AACSB-accredited schools in the region. And residents some Kentucky counties pay Indiana in-state tuition. This online program fits into your schedule, making it flexible enough to meet your needs.

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Join our program and embark on a journey towards becoming a trusted financial leader. With a Master of Science in Strategic Finance-Managerial Finance, you'll be prepared to tackle the challenges of today's global economy and make a meaningful impact in the world of finance. Learn and network with our expert faculty and industry leaders.

Get a Dual M.S.S.F and M.B.A

By taking just six additional courses, M.B.A. you can earn the Master of Science in Strategic Finance (M.S.S.F.), for an infinitely marketable skill set.

Degree information

30 Credit hours
Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Degree Completion

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours, in accordance with the definition of the curriculum, of which each course counts only once toward graduation;

  • A grade of C (2.0) or better must be earned in each graduate business course that counts toward graduation [Note: No more than two graduate business course grades may be below B- (2.7)];

  • A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 for all graduate business courses at IU Southeast. Satisfactory completion of the community service requirement.*

Students are expected to complete the graduate business program curriculum within seven years. This rule also applies to students seeking to complete both graduate business programs simultaneously or consecutively. The seven year time frame starts with taking the first graduate course (not Foundations coursework)

*Community Service Requirement

Graduate Business students must perform at least 20 hours of community service in a project that involves their contribution in the form of business knowledge, leadership, and/or expertise. Some examples include volunteering for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, providing tax assistance for the elderly or disadvantaged, participating in a United Way agency, or serving on a not-for-profit board or advisory council.

The requirement may be completed at any time during the academic program. It is strongly recommended that the student plan to complete this requirement prior to the last 6 credit hours of coursework in the graduate curriculum. Students must submit a written proposal outlining a plan for satisfying this requirement to the Graduate Director for approval prior to performing the project.


History of English studies and methods
Choose one course

  • ENG-D 511 - Introduction to English Studies
  • ENG-W 509 - Intro to Writing and Literacy Studies
  • ENG-L 506 - Intro to Methods of Criticism and Research

Theories of rhetoric, literary criticism, expression
Choose two courses

  • ENG-L 605 - Critical and Interpretive Theory
  • ENG-W 602 - Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG-W 601 - Development of Rhetoric and Composition

Application of theories: Research methods, workplace communication, assessment
Choose one course

  • ENG-R 546 - Rhetoric and Public Culture
  • ENG-L 509 - Practicum on Critical Writing
  • ENG-W 620 - Argumentative Writing
  • One professional/technical writing course of some kind

Pedagogy: Teaching of literature, creative writing, or composition
Choose two courses

  • ENG-W 500 - Teaching Composition: Issues and Approaches
  • ENG-W 508 - Graduate Creative Writing for Teachers
  • ENG-L 503 - Teaching of Literature in College

Topics courses (theory, writing, literature)
Choose as many as needed to fulfill degree credit requirements

  • ENG-L 553 - Studies in Literature (Repeatable as needed, different topics)
  • ENG-W 600 - Topics in Rhetoric and Composition (Repeatable as needed, different topics)
  • ENG-W 664 - Topics in Current Literature
  • ENG-W 511 - Writing Fiction and/or ENG W513 Writing Poetry

Independent Study Option
Independent study for further developing a project

  • ENG-W 609 - Directed Writing Projects (1-3 credit hours—repeatable as needed)

Students develop their own projects

  • ENG-D 611 – Practicum in English Studies

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With a Master of Science in Strategic Finance-Managerial Finance, you have numerous career options. You can pursue roles as a financial manager, financial analysts, or explore a role in a consulting firm, all of which offer chances to provide strategic financial advice to businesses. Managerial finance experts are sought after in government agencies and non-profit organizations. With strong analytical skills and strategic thinking honed in their studies, you'll be well-equipped for diverse financial leadership roles.

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