Groups Scholars Program

Supporting students for success

The Groups Scholars Program was established as a way to increase college attendance among first-generation, underrepresented students attending Indiana University Southeast. The Groups Scholars Program maximizes financial aid, provides academic and social support to selected underrepresented college students from matriculation to graduation and beyond. 

What are the benefits for students?

Students who are admitted as Groups Scholars spend six weeks during the late summer term before their freshman year taking courses in College Writing and First Year Seminar while being introduced to the campus and establishing a network of social and academic support. The program offers an extensive student support system, including academic advising, priority registration, tutoring, enrollment in specialized courses, and activities designed to foster academic success and degree completion throughout the academic year.

Tuition and book fees for Groups Scholars Program summer courses will be covered upon a student’s acceptance into the Groups Scholars program. Students who meet qualifications will also receive up to $500 in scholarships toward their Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 tuition.

Students who have completed ENG W131 or equivalent as dual credit, may take a different summer course with permission of Groups Scholars Program.

Personal characteristics also are an important part of being a Groups Scholar. We look for students who demonstrate a positive attitude, a sense of civility, the ability to persevere, a strong motivation to succeed, an excellent attendance record, and a commitment to earn a college degree.