Required Courses

The certificate requires five classes for a total of 20 credit hours.

The stand-alone Certificate in Literature provides the requisite number of discipline-specific graduate credits for those who already hold a master's degree. Students who need both the discipline-specific coursework and a master's degree may take the additional English graduate classes required to earn a master's in English.

Core Courses
ENG-L 503Teaching Literature in College4
ENG-L 553Studies in Literature4
ENG-D 600History of the English Language4
ENG-G 655History of the English Language4
Elective Courses
Any Two ENG-L Courses at the 500 or 600 Level8

To enroll in this program, you must either possess a BA in English (or related bachelor’s degree in education with an English specialization, concentration, or outside area) or two years of secondary teaching experience in literature or composition classes.

NOTE: If you choose to pursue the IU Online MA in English, these certificate courses may apply to (“stack into”) your degree requirements. Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Literature does not constitute admission into any the face-to-face graduate programs in English at the participating campuses.

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