Undergraduate Certificate in Second Language Competency

The Second Language Competency Certificate creates a focused program of study that enables students to achieve a useful level of competency in French, German, or Spanish and provides documentation of their language skills.  Students completing the certificate should be able to do the following:

  • Converse in their target language on a variety of subjects and be understood by native speakers.
  • Comprehend authentic prose, fiction, and articles in the target language and apply critical thinking skills to readings.
  • Write essays in the target language with complex sentences on various topics.
  • Possess an awareness of cultural values and beliefs of the world regions where the target language is spoken.

The courses required for the Second Language Competency Certificate fulfill the language requirement for most Bachelor's degrees at IU Southeast.

Certificate Information

17 Credits
Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0

For more information specific to you and your situation, meet with your academic advisor and find your ideal pathway to complete your degree on time.

Complete the following requirements for a minimum of 17 credit hours.  A minimum grade of B is required for each course in the certificate.


Certificate Course Requirements

Complete 14 credits of Basic and Intermediate French, German, or Spanish. All 14 credits must be completed in the same language.


  • FREN-F 100
  • FREN-F 150
  • FREN-F 200
  • FREN-F 250


  • GER-G 100
  • GER-G 150
  • GER-G 200
  • GER-G 250


  • SPAN-S 100
  • SPAN-S 150
  • SPAN-S 200
  • SPAN-S 250

Take one additional 300-level course in the same language (3 credit hours)


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Many of IU Southeast’s certificate programs are stackable – meaning that you can use the credit hours earned for your certificate toward an associate or bachelor degree program.

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