What is Philosophy?

When Socrates exclaimed to his incredulous accusers, “I know you won't believe me, but I truly believe the highest human excellence is to question oneself and others,” he captured the spirit of all philosophical effort. Although philosophy has undergone profound changes since his time, it still seeks to come to terms with the questions and issues provoked by every phase of life, and it produces arguments and accounts bearing on every subject worthy of disciplined reflection.

Philosophy addresses questions like:

  • Are there limits to what we can know?
  • Can we know by reason that there is or is not a God?
  • Why should we be moral?
  • What is the best model for government and social organization?
  • Are our thoughts and actions free or are they determined by prior events?
  • What most fundamentally exists?

Why Study Philosophy?

Studying Philosophy is beneficial in itself and can also help you to achieve your college and career goals.

Some benefits of studying Philosophy include:

  • Transforming yourself into a self-cultivating and life-long learner.
  • Becoming a reflective and engaged citizen.
  • Cultivating skills that employers want.
  • Developing skills necessary for success on graduate school entrance exams (e.g., GRE, LSAT, GMAT).
  • Convenient second major (only 31 credit hours).

Degree Information

All Bachelor’s degrees offered by IU Southeast requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and a minimum of 30 credit hours of upper-level coursework (300-level or above). View your potential course schedule options for each semester by clicking on the link below. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to apply for dual credit or transfer credits and find your ideal pathway to complete your degree on time.

For more information specific to you and your situation, please schedule a visit with an advisor today. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to find your ideal pathway to complete your degree on time.

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