New Neighbors

A community built around education

The IU Southeast School of Education, through its New Neighbors Education Center (NNEC), partners with school districts, parents/guardians, community organizations, businesses, and state entities as they respond to the educational needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students/individuals and those learning English as a new language (English Learners, ELs).

Available services (additional as requested and tailored to meet needs):

  • Professional development workshops and seminars for school districts, community organizations, business and industry, and state entities
  • Professional consultation: needs analysis, program design, capacity building, leadership development
  • Family-School partnerships and engagement
  • Networking opportunities to bring community partners together

Recent Professional Development Institutes:

  • Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with High Abilities/Gifts
  • Teaching English Learners in STEM Subjects
  • Institute for Teaching English Learners in Content Classrooms

Hosted Family Engagement Summit:

  • Relevant and Culturally Inclusive Directions in PK-12 School, Family, Community Partnerships for partners across IN and Kentuckiana

Indiana Campus Compact Grant for Listening to Communities Event

Improving education and community through partnerships, professional development, networking, and research.

Contact Information

Dr. Donna Albrecht

Director of Graduate Studies School of Education
Director of New Neighbors Center
Professor, and Coordinator of Gifted, Talented and High Ability Program

Hillside Hall 20B
(812) 941-2594

Recent Articles

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