Graduate success defines the biology program. How do we know we have been successful? Assessment of graduating biology students recently showed 94% of students demonstrated a broad understanding of biology that was Excellent or Very Good. A recent survey of graduating students showed 93% of students believe their understanding of biology was Excellent or Very Good. The five year average of students who have graduate showed 19% went to professional school, 13% were accepted into graduate school, and 21% directly obtained jobs in science. Note that the 32% who attended professional or graduate school which is above the national averages of 29%. Our allied health students also have been highly success obtaining jobs using their degrees.

Why are students successful? It is because the upper level biology and allied health classes and labs have small class sizes and are taught by award winning full-time faculty. Each degree includes relevant course work, for example, the biology major includes 11 biology courses, most with laboratories, that cover 8 core areas. The department has high quality and current laboratory equipment that gives students the opportunity to use the same equipment and techniques used in commercial and research laboratories. The tenure-track faculty members are Ph.D. researchers, are members of the Indiana University Graduate School, and are up-to-date in their fields. We provide opportunities for our students do research as part of our faculty research programs in a wide variety of specialties. The faculty are also available to help student focus on their career goals.

Biology is the science that studies life. It is multidisciplinary because it includes many different fields, ranging from cell biology and genetics to evolution, plant science and ecology. Some careers are applied, using biological knowledge to address problems in society and industry, while others are in research, advancing knowledge to produce new solutions.

Special Features

The biology program has highly successful graduates due to the small class sizes and outstanding, state-of-the-art facilities. Numerous additional opportunities exist for students as laboratory assistants, who aid in preparation of laboratory classes, research assistants, who work with professors doing basic research, and internships with local employers.

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New Student Orientation

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