Why do we have this policy?

Our duty as part of the Office of Marketing and Communications is to enforce IU brand standards and the look, feel, and story we are telling about IU Southeast to the rest of the world. To achieve this objective, we have to utilize our limited resources to the best of our abilities.

Who can benefit from our video production services?

Because our resources are limited, we can only produce videos for external audiences to increase admissions and retention, and to highlight high profile donors and high profile events. If you want to produce a video for an internal audience, check out these resources on how to produce videos or contact ILTE for faculty video help. If your video does fall into the realm of admissions, retention or high profile donor or events and we’re unable to assist due to scheduling conflicts, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for a list of IU approved vendors that offer videography services.

External Audience Videos – Admissions, retention, high profile donors, and high profile events

All videos that are to be viewed by external audiences have to follow these guidelines:

  • Has to be viewed and approved by someone in the marketing department before video is uploaded to any public website
  • Has to use an approved videographer
  • Has to adhere to IU brand standards
  • Has to have photo/video release forms signed by people participating in the video
  • If using an outside vendor for videography services, please use an IU approved vendor as they are guaranteed to give full rights/ownership of the video to IU Southeast.
  • If using the internal marketing videographer, please allow and plan for 4 weeks from video request date to final product due date. (Timeline is subject to change based on video requirements)

Internal Audiences – Classroom usage, information or events for students, faculty and staff

  • If a video is meant for students, consider using Canvas as a platform. Contact ILTE for Canvas help.
  • Videos must be approved by marketing before uploading to the IU Southeast website, or if a link exists on the IU Southeast website that route to a video on an external site. Photo/video release forms must also be provided for videos such as these.

Video Production Steps

Step 1: Self-Assessment

If the video is meant for internal audiences only and will appear on Canvas or shown in a classroom, see Additional Resources or contact ILTE for video help.

If the video is for external audiences and is meant to increase admissions, retention, or highlight a high profile donor or event, please enter a marketing request.

Step 2: Marketing Reviews Request

Marketing will review the request and determine if the objective of the video falls into our external audience categories. If marketing approves the request, they will contact the client and set up a meeting to discuss the project.

Step 3: Meet with the Videographer

The client and the videographer will meet to discuss the objectives of the project, where it will need to be viewed (website, event, etc.), brainstorm a narrative (that can be achieved with our resources), and discuss deadlines and budgets, etc.

Step 4: Storyboard Approval

The client will meet with the videographer again, and he or she will present storyboards for approval. They will then assign responsibilities such as scheduling people, locations, and providing props and lighting. They will also discuss appropriate apparel, make-up and hair needs (if applicable).

Step 5: Production

Photo/Video Release forms are to be signed and delivered to the marketing department or given to the videographer on the day of filming. We are not responsible for late or absent participants, which can affect the overall deadline. The videographer will show a rough-cut of the video to the client (if present) for preliminary approval.

Step 6: Post Production

The finished production, complete with credits and copyright, will need approval by the Senior Multimedia Designer or another member of the marketing department in his or her absence. After which, the video will be shown to the client for final approval.

Step 7: Project Wrap Up

  • The finished video will be delivered in all the formats that were agreed upon.
  • The video will be uploaded to the IU Southeast website or another approved online location such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • All payments are made to any outside vendors used in the making of the video.

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