Master of Arts for Teachers in History

Do you love history? Are you interested in teaching high school dual credit classes, or at a community college? Consider earning your online Master of Arts for Teachers in History.

This program teaches you how to apply the science and art of teaching to college-level instruction. You will focus on the historiographic trends and historical context necessary to properly analyze current events, gain a depth of knowledge in a variety of historical subjects, and learn the most effective methods to teach those subjects to an undergraduate audience. You also will learn to perform historical research and construct original arguments while assessing the validity of the historical sources you use

Areas of focus include:

  • Historical methodology
  • Early America
  • The 19th century
  • Modern US history
  • Comparative history

The M.A.T. degrees are very similar to the M.S.Ed. degrees. Please contact us to discuss the differences, and we'll help you determine the best path for you.

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