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Dr. David Winship Taylor

Professor of Sustainability and Regeneration

Life Sciences 314
Phone: (812) 941-2377


Current research in my laboratory has students involved in preparing plant specimens for biogeochemical analysis to test the hypothesis that the geological biomarker oleanane has a flowering plant origin. Students collect and prepare all materials, including GPS on localities. These collections are being used for several analyses of patterns in living plants.  Also I have student researchers looking at the relationships of the Water Lilies (Nymphaeales) using molecular and morphological data.  Finally, I have students working on local sustainability and environmental sciences projects including invasive plants.

Academic Background

  • Doctorate

    • University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA
    • Ph.D. Botany

Professional Interests


Application of Project Based Learning (PBL), flipped classroom, and gifted and talented methods to the active learning science classroom. 


Evolution and relationships of angiosperms; Methods of character analysis; Ancestral character states in angiosperms; Use of experimental morphogenetic data to test structural and evolutionary hypotheses; Use of leaf architectural characters to assess the relationships of fossil angiosperms; Paleobiological significance of carbon isotope ratios and geochemistry of plant fossils.  Use of pollen to understand flowering plant – pollinator interactions; The relationships of fossil water lilies and their likely evolution. I have over 40 publications in these areas.



  • Taylor, D.W. & L.J. Hickey (editors). (1996). Flowering Plant Origin, Early Evolution and Phylogeny. New York: Chapman & Hall.

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