The International Studies major is the pathway to your global future!

International Studies is truly a 21st-century major, offering valuable perspectives to understand the world globally, with regional concentrations to target local expertise.

The program draws from different disciplines, including language and culture, history, political science, economics and geography, providing flexible preparation for an increasingly global and rapidly changing world. Employers want skills the International Studies students learn, including multi-cultural competency, the ability to work in a diverse environment, multi-lingual communications skills, analytical and information management skills, and more. Common areas of employment for students majoring in International Studies include the private business sector, non-profit organizations, government, and education.

The International Studies major is divided into two segments:

  1. Core Requirements: You’ll gain a “big picture” understanding of global perspectives in required courses in the areas of world history, international politics, international economics, world geography, and our senior seminar.
  2. Regional Concentration: Students choose Asia, Europe, or Latin America to focus their studies.
    Note: A concentration on Africa is available, but students must have a very flexible schedule and be prepared to study abroad.

Study Abroad Requirement

Through IU there are about 300 options for study abroad ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year. If a student is demonstrably unable to study abroad, we have a local international experience alternative.

The International Studies (IS) major requires participation in an approved study abroad program or an approved international engagement activity. Please indicate your plan to meet that requirement by completing the Study Abroad Indication of Intent Form.

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