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Hello and welcome to my page!  I am a Quaternary scientist with diverse research interests grounded in some combination of hydrology, geomorphology, sedimentary geology, climatology/meteorology, ecology/biogeography, soil science and archaeology. The path I have taken to where I am today is rather meandering (no pun intended).  I completed my Ph.D. in Geology, with foci in Quaternary Geology/geomorphology and sedimentary geology, at West Virginia University in 2006. 

Academic Background

  • Doctorate

    • West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
    • Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Geology - Quaternary and Sedimentary Geology foci

Professional Interests


Physical Climatology

Climate Change



Glacial and Quaternary Geology

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy



My primary research interests include - (1) fluvial and hydrologic responses to climate variability and change; (2) glacial geology, geomorphology and hydrology; (3) Quaternary paleoclimatology, paleoecology and landscapes; AND (4) the geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology of river valleys.  Although currently inactive, I also have an interest in examining regional-scale climate relationships with the geography of soils and plants.  Recently, I have become increasingly involved with interdisciplinary projects related to archaeology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and human-environment relationships.  That being said, some of my current research projects include:

  • Late Quaternary paleoclimatology, paleoenvironments, post-glacial river and wetland evolution, and geoarchaeology of the Great Lakes Region.
  • Quaternary glaical and nonglacial stratigraphy, paleoenvironments, post-glacial river evolution and geoarchaeology of the Ohio River Basin. 
  • Late Pleistocene through historical climate-glacier-river interactions in Alaska.





Journal Articles

  • Grote, T.. (2021). A synoptic climatology of rain-on-snow flooding in Mid-Atlantic Region using NCEP/NCAR Re-Analysis compositing. Physical Geography, 42 (5), 452-471.
  • Grote, T.. (2019). Floodplain stratigraphy and geomorphology in formerly glaciated Northwestern Pennsylvania. Middle States Geographer, 52 (n/a), 1-13.
  • Grote, T. and E. Straffin. (2019). Analysis of Late Wisconsinan ice-marginal environments in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Geographer, v.17 (1), p. 17-33.
  • Grote, T.. (2019). Evolution of mantled karst along the Blue Ridge-Great Valley margin, USA: An example of subsidence-related sediment accumulation and possible preservation. Acta Carsologica, 48 (3), 283-294.
  • Griggs, C., D. Peteet, B. Kromer, T. Grote, and J. Southon. (2017). A tree-ring chronology and paleoclimate record for the Younger Dryas-Early Holocene transition from northeastern North America. Journal of Quaternary Science, v. 32 (3), p. 341-346.
  • Grote, T.. (2017). Hydroclimatological identification of flood seasonality and generating mechanisms in the upper Allegheny River Basin. Middle States Geographer, v.50 (1), p. 74-81.
  • Grote, T.. (2017). Surficial processes and stratigraphy of alluvial fans along the Blue Ridge-Great Valley border, Central Appalachians. Southeastern Geology, 52 (3), 157-177.
  • Grote, T. and A. Myers. (2012). Preliminary alluvial geoarchaeology of 36FO66 (Indian Camp Run II), Forest County, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Archaeologist, 82 (n/a), 32-46.
  • Grote T. and J. S. Kite. (2010). Geomorphology and pedology of a mixed alluvial-colluvial fill deposit in central West Virginia: New insight into Appalachian landscape evolution. Southeastern Geology, 47 (1), 27-39.

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New Student Orientation

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