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Neil Brewer

Hillside Hall 28
Phone: (812) 941-2135

Professional Interests


Teaching the art of authentic engagement through choices and student-centered curriculum.

The stimulation of students' multiple intelligences is imperative, thus Neil incorporates the following into each semester of teaching:

  • Visits to O'Bannon State Park, where teaching candidates and graduates discover, first hand, the importance of utilizing the outdoor environment as the learning experience it truly is.  Candidates also learn the technical and management skills necessary to take their own students to the campsite for multiple days.
  • An understanding of the game of chess, but more importantly, the knowledge of a method for teaching candidates to teach their own students (of any grade level) how to play.
  • The construction of rockets from homemade junk, capable of soaring to 1000 feet, and study of the accompanying math and science applications that make such flights common on the grass behind Hillside Hall.
  • The building of a PVC kaleidoscope, utilizing learned skills that will allow candidates to also build stained glass windows. 
  • Instruction on how to play the ukulele.



  • Neil Brewer. (2006). The 8 O'Clock Bell. Miami, FL: Hartwell Publications.

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