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Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran

Life Sciences 120
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Sridhar is a tenured Full Professor with the Informatics Department here at Indiana University SE.  His doctorate academic advisors were Dr. Travis E. Doom, Dr. Michael Raymer and Dr. Dan E. Krane. Sridhar's interest and research in Bioinformatics overlaps and benefits from his vast experience on projects involving Instrumentation & Control, Networking, ASIC & FPGA design, Microcontroller design, Parallel Algorithm design and Robotics. Being a researcher has naturally influenced Sridhar's teaching, with the use of examples and analogies, and thereby increasing the level of "realism" in his instruction. Being a scientist has greatly assisted him as a teacher; it has helped him in teaching ideas and not merely facts. In fact, Sridhar finds that teaching facilitates learning to the teacher himself and this has greatly aided him with his research. Having taught with a very heterogeneous student population and having also had a transcontinental education has prepared Sridhar to take on the challenges of an academic position.

"Teaching, to me, is a fantastically complex research area. Teaching is my passion and it has always been an inseparable part of my academic life. I have lived in a teaching environment and have learned to appreciate the value of hard work and dedication required for this noble profession. Teaching is a reciprocal endeavor; apart from the intangible personal reward of inspiring and guiding students along their path I find that teaching helps me grow, think and explore unforeseen topics and research directions."

The privilege to teach is a gift, the ability to teach is a blessing and the love to teach is success.

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