Thank you for serving as your department’s assessment program coordinator. Your role in coordinating the assessment efforts in your program are appreciated and recognized. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) understands that each assessment program coordinator must meet the expectations set forth by their respective dean. To respect academic integrity and autonomy of all departments on campus while also facilitating consistency in the assessment process, OIE has developed a set of general guidelines and suggestions for assessment program coordinators.

  • Program Coordinators are responsible for working with faculty to develop, implement, operate, and manage the assessment programs within their academic programs to achieve continuous improvement of student learning.
  • The coordinator should communicate with OIE regarding changes to and creation of assessment forms and the number of forms needed for each assessment ahead of the time the forms are needed.
  • At the end of each semester, the coordinator should follow-up with faculty in the program to encourage them to send their data to OIE prior to the beginning of the next term. Please send Spring data within 14 days of the Spring grades due date to provide time for analysis and inclusion in program feedback.
  • At the beginning of the academic year, OIE will send program coordinators:
    1. All data summaries for the previous year
    2. The program's most recent Assessment Report grid containing program goals, Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), assessment measures on record, success criteria and data summaries by goal
    3. OIE feedback from the program's previous Assessment Report
    4. Assessment Report Scoring Rubric
    5. Instructions for the fall Program Assessment Report
  • Assessment Coordinators should note the assessment cycle for their program (1, 2, or 3-year). This information can be found on the OIE feedback from the program’s previous Assessment Report as well as the instructions for the Program Assessment Report. The cycle will determine what responsibilities the coordinator will have for reporting in the current year.
  • Best practices indicate the program coordinator should plan to meet with program colleagues to discuss their program’s assessment plan and data at least once during each fall and spring semester. As the assessment plan develops, conversation and planning should turn toward student learning improvements and the feedback loop.
  • The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is available to:
    • Assist programs with defining and developing an assessment process and assessment program for their unit that will ensure continuous improvement of student learning
    • Assist programs with the design of assessment tools: rubrics, on-line forms, paper scan forms, etc.
    • Deploy assessment tools
    • Collect [(on-line) and/or scanning (paper forms)] data from assessment tools
    • Perform statistical analysis and create data summaries for assessment results
    • Expand the usefulness of assessment data by enhancing them with institutional or other data
    • Educate and train on program assessment
    • Assist with the design and deployment of surveys

Please refer to the assessment handbook or contact Sara Spalding at ext. 2147 or with additional questions.

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