Basic Student Application to BSN Major

This application is for the basic student. Registered Nurses should contact the academic advisor.

Online Application Deadline: March 3, 2018

Application requirements

  1. Effective Fall 2018 the applicant must have graduated from high school and be admitted to Indiana University Southeast as a degree seeking student.
  2. A student who is enrolled in nursing course work at another university, must apply as a transfer student.
  3. Complete general education courses required for admission. Designate which courses will meet the general education requirements where course choice is an option.
  4. Applicants must meet all minimal criteria to be considered for admission.
  5. Do not submit a transcript with your application. The courses and grades on your AAR/transcript must match the information you report on your application (See page 4 "How Do I Print My Transcript?").
  6. If a transfer course has been approved by the APG (Admission, Progression, Graduation) committee to satisfy a requirement, the student must submit a copy of the approval letter from the APG committee to the nursing office by the application deadline.
  7. Complete all required course work by the end of Summer I. This includes independent study/correspondence course work and courses for which students have received an incomplete (I). Applications received after the deadline will be considered at the discretion of the faculty.
  8. Knowledge and competencies developed in courses that fulfill the requirements for anatomy, physiology and microbiology are considered time-limited. If any of these courses were taken more than seven (7) years prior to admission to the nursing program, the course must be repeated or validated through testing.
  9. See your academic advisor if there are problems/issues with your submitted application. The problem/issue must be submitted to the advisor in writing in order to be considered by the Admission, Progression, Graduation (APG) committee.
  10. Application to the school of nursing includes:
    1. Completion of the on-line application.
    2. Take the Kaplan admission test to evaluate math, reading comprehension, writing and science skills.
      If the student is conditionally admitted, the following will need to be submitted:
    3. Criminal background check and drug screen results.
    4. Documents to verify immunizations, TB testing and CPR. The application is not complete until all have been received.

The Admission, Progression, and Graduation (APG) Committee of the School of Nursing considers and acts upon applications for admission to the baccalaureate nursing major. Admission to the major is highly competitive and not all applicants meeting minimum criteria may be accepted.

Course Grades

  1. Grades for all required coursework must be entered on your transcript by June 30. This includes any incomplete courses, current courses, correspondence or independent study, and transfer courses. Use your unofficial transcript (see page 4 for directions) to record your grades on the application. If you have any questions about your transcript or how to verify this information, please see an advisor.
  2. Students must achieve a grade of C (2.0) or higher in all program requirements.

Admission Grade Point Average (GPA)

  1. Maintain a minimum Indiana University program GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. This does not include transfer courses.
  2. Demonstrate a minimum pre-nursing admission program GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale for all completed course work required for admission (Semester 1 and 2 courses).
    1. The nursing admission GPA is calculated on all completed pre-nursing courses. Grades earned in transfer courses that are accepted and applied to required general education credit hours will count in the calculation of the admission GPA.
    2. Extended X grades (See Grade Replacement policy in the IU Southeast Bulletin) may be counted in the GPA calculation if they exceed the limit of three grade substitutions (see repeat courses below).

Repeat Courses

Effective pre-nursing through graduation

  1. Courses designated for the nursing major may be repeated only one (1) time. Students must successfully complete all courses for the degree with a "C" or better by the second attempt.
  2. The repeated grade will be the grade used in the calculation of the admission grade point average.
  3. Students may repeat no more than three (3) required general education classes. Of the three courses, only two (2) failures will be allowed in science courses. (One science course and corresponding lab are considered one course).
  4. This criteria also applies to any student wishing to transfer required courses from a university other than Indiana University.


  1. Students wishing to transfer required course work from a university other than Indiana University must be in good academic standing at that university and have achieved a grade of C (2.0) or higher in courses for which transfer is being requested.
  2. Students with "undistributed" transfer hours or course equivalencies and/or substitutions must submit to the nursing office verification of approval from the APG (Admissions, Progression, Graduation) committee in order to include the course(s) in the application (see your academic advisor).

Admission process

  1. Admission to the School of nursing occurs in two steps (Letters sent through U.S. mail):
    1. First, offers of conditional admission will be extended to applicants with the highest combined GPA and Kaplan assessment rankings. Scores will be weighted with the nursing GPA accounting for 75% and the Kaplan admission test (specifically the reading comprehension score) 25% of the combined ranking.
    2. Offers of full admission will be extended to conditional admits who have submitted results of the criminal background check, drug screen and documentation of immunizations, TB (tuberculosis) screening and CPR.
  2. Priority for admission will be given to all qualified applicants who have completed the majority (more than half) of their prerequisite course work at Indiana University Southeast.
  3. If additional spaces are available, the next priority is given to students who completed the majority of the course work on another Indiana University campus. Students transferring the majority of prerequisite course work from a non-IU school are accorded lowest priority for admission.
  4. Applicants will be admitted to the School of Nursing in two cycles, Spring and Summer. Of the 56 students admitted, 42 students will be admitted in the Spring and 14 students will be admitted at the end of Summer I. Qualified students who are not selected in the Spring Cycle will be considered for Summer admission.
  5. Transfer students from IU campuses and non-IU campuses will be considered for admission after all IU Southeast students have been admitted. Transfers will be notified of admission status within two weeks of the end of Summer I.
  6. There is no waiting list. Students must apply to the School of Nursing each year to be considered for admission to the nursing program.
  7. Students are permitted to make changes to the application prior to the application deadline. Information contained on the application after the deadline is final.

Offer of Admission

  1. To be fully admitted, students offered conditional admission to the Nursing Program must comply with background check and drug screen procedures established by the School of Nursing and submit immunization, TB and CPR documents.
  2. Admitted students are required to attend a mandatory orientation session on August 10, 2018. Do not make vacation plans during this time.
  3. Students who are not admitted due to lack of space may reapply to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in a subsequent semester if eligibility is maintained.
  4. Students who refuse an admission invitation two times are ineligible to be considered for future admission.

How do I print my unofficial transcript?

Be sure you are working on a computer with print capability so that you can print your transcript.

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Search "Unofficial Transcript"
  3. Click on View Unofficial Transcript
  4. Choose the "Academic Institution" and "Report Type" from drop boxes (if you have the option to select "Unofficial/Cur Enrl/All Career", select it)
  5. Click on View Report

Before submitting your application, print the "Review Your Entry" page and keep for your records.

If you have any questions about this application or the application process, please contact the academic advisor in the School of Nursing at (812) 941-2283.

Disability Accommodations

Students who have a disability that requires accommodations in the classroom should contact the Office of Disability Services by phone (812) 941-2243 or email early in the semester so that their learning needs may be appropriately met. The student will need to provide documentation of the disability and if further documentation is needed, recommendations can be provided from the Office of Disability Services.

Additional information may be obtained at the Office of Disability Services website.

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