The academic advisor assists students from admission to the University through graduation. The student works with the advisor to develop academic plans, select courses, discuss issues or concerns regarding academic progress, withdrawal, reinstatement, bankruptcy, appeals, and scholarship information.

The services offered by academic advising on behalf of the School of Nursing directly enhance student recruitment efforts and retention of Indiana University Southeast nursing students.

The mission of academic advising is to be proactive in helping students approach their education in an organized and meaningful way, as well as being responsive to student needs within a diverse environment. In order to achieve this mission academic advising provides a continuum of services which:

  1. Provide a centralized source of accurate and up-to-date information for academic and career planning.
  2. Facilitate clarification of policies and procedures.
  3. Assist students to identify and understand program options.
  4. Assist students in analyzing and evaluating academic choices.
  5. Make referrals to other Indiana University Southeast student service departments; faculty advisers, the Academic Success Center and personal counseling services as needed.

The advising process promotes student growth and independence throughout the university experience.

Adapted from "Academic Advising as a Comprehensive Campus Process", NACADA Monograph Series 2, 1995

The academic advisor CAN:

  • Describe reasonable options for your circumstances
  • Help you match available classes to your educational goals
  • Help you handle academic difficulties in a timely manner
  • Inform you about degree requirements, university policies and procedures

The academic advisor CANNOT:

  • Make decisions for you
  • Tell you what classes are “good” or “easy”
  • Solve your problems if you have ignored them
  • Tell you how to get out of a requirement or work around the system

Make an appointment with your advisor by calling the nursing secretary at (812) 941-2283.

Pre-Nursing Advising

Alexandra Hall
School of Nursing
Pre-Nursing Advisor
Office: LF 270
Phone: (812) 941-2458

Contact Alexandra if you are an entering freshman, a current student who has selected the nursing major or a transfer student who has not taken classes taught by nursing faculty to schedule an advising appointment.

Entering freshmen should make an appointment to consult with the pre-nursing academic advisor during the first semester and as needed thereafter. The pre-nursing advisor assists students to prepare for application to the School of Nursing. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about admission to the School of Nursing go to the FAQs.

Nursing Advising

Shelby Landis
School of Nursing
Nursing Advisor
Office: LF 276
Phone: (812) 941-2560

The nursing advisor assists second degree students, the associate degree nurse pursuing the BSN degree, transfers who have taken nursing courses taught by nursing faculty, and students who have been admitted to the school of nursing.

After you have been accepted to the University, contact the nursing office to schedule an appointment with the nursing academic advisor. At that time, you and the advisor will review your transcript and develop your academic plan.

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