Do you have a business question or problem? Is your organization at a plateau and you need ideas to start moving up again? Do you simply need data or assistance wading through the millions of data items out there to make a decision? Do your employees, or you, need your skills refreshed? Do you need a network of peers that have “been there before” and who can provide practical advice? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right spot.

Continuing globalization, a challenging economic environment, new technologies, and a changing socio-political environment have converged to create an unprecedented challenge to many organizations. As part of IU Southeast’s outreach efforts the School of Business aims to be a resource for area businesses and organizations. Some of the resources available include:


HelpNet is a solutions resource for area organizations in Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville area and is at its core a consulting enterprise for existing businesses. These business do not fit the model for most incubators or economic development. That said, we have also worked with startups in an incubator. As all businesses, and their respective challenges, are unique our solutions approach is unique also. Typically an individual faculty member or a team lead by a faculty member work as project managers on an issue. This could be as simple as a simple advisory role on an issue to a hand-on detailed project. Usually students are involved, either in an independent study, as part of a class project, or as an intern hired to implement any approved strategies. Some examples of recent HelpNet projects include:

  • Working with an equipment retailer to provide web-optimization and incorporate social media in their marketing efforts.
  • Providing a series of social media mini-lectures to the members of a local business organization. Some of the businesses in that organization plan to use interns to implement the ideas that fit their respective businesses.
  • Assigning a computer science faculty member to a detailed project with a technology startup firm.
  • Assisting a local family owned company with costing and other accounting issues and the development of a long-term strategy to meet anticipated growth.

With HelpNet a portion of the cost is subsidized through a grant from the Lilly Endowment. The portion of the cost covered by the organization typically varies from 25% - 50%. Often the companies match is paid through an agreement to hire interns or even an equity stake in one case. In some cases we’ve been able to assist with the cost of hiring an intern(s). HelpNet is a very cost effective way of obtaining high quality consulting services.

Data and Research

We have access to a great deal of business and economic data through our Sanders Financial Markets Lab, the resources of the Sanders Chair in Business, and other assets. The Sanders Chair in Business presents two major economic forecasts for the region per year and also presents customized analysis to area organizations. In addition our faculty have worked with area organizations to produce impact studies, assess skills shortages, and identify upcoming regional trends.

CEO Roundtables

The School of Business conducts a number of CEO Roundtables per year. Some are held locally, either on our main campus or at our Graduate Center in Jeffersonville, and some are held “on the road” throughout our Southern Indiana Service region. Topics are of interest to CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CIOs, and cover the gamut from succession planning to valuation to effective marketing strategies. The CEO Roundtable series was started through a grant from the Lilly Endowment and is now self-sustaining through membership dues in the Roundtable.

Management Development and Ongoing Education

The IU Southeast Business School is uniquely equipped to help employers develop their most vital asset: people. At IU Southeast we offer customized programs designed to fit a specific need. This is done through a consulting model similar to HelpNet. Faculty work with your management team to identify areas for improvement. More details are provided on our Management Development page. Our customized programs can be offered on the main campus, at our Graduate Center in Jeffersonville, or at your facility.

In addition to customized programs for your company we can create a series based on topics of interest by a number of companies. An example of where we have had great success is the CEO Roundtable series.

Finally, we also offer a number of open enrollment programs if an employee or employees simply need one or two classes or a more thorough treatment through one of our certificate programs. Certificates are available in accounting, finance, business economics & public policy, HR Management, Management, Marketing, International Business, and Information and Operations Management.

Assistance for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit businesses and organizations are also welcome to participate or seek assistance through any of our other resources listed above. However, not-for-profits have one other venue at IU Southeast. Our nationally ranked business programs have a community service requirement. This unique requirement was one of the first of its kind in the country. If the project is too big to be accomplished by one student then a team may be assigned and/or the project could grow into an independent study or HelpNet project. Contact the director of Graduate Business Programs for more information on this topic.

It’s all about partnering with our community

Synergy is one of those overused words. Nevertheless, synergy exactly describes what can happen in a region when its community and businesses organizations partner strategically with its higher education providers. Higher education and a region’s economic development success go hand in hand and multiple parties benefit from the success of each of the community’s members. Successful Higher Education-Community Partnerships can be the proverbial “rising tide that lifts all boats.”

A quality, higher education institution is the cornerstone for successful partnerships. Over the years IU Southeast has proven itself as a leader in higher education, and as a valuable resource to the region’s economic development. We aim to continue to provide high-quality, cost effective solutions to our region’s businesses.

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