C-3. Approval Process to Fill Vacant Appointed Staff Positions

An approval process was implemented in 2004 for the review, approval, and filling of replacement and/or vacant positions for all appointed staff positions. The Budget Committee, which consists of the Chancellor and the vice chancellors for Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Alumni and Community Relations, and Student Affairs, will make a recommendation to the Chancellor whether to proceed with filling a vacant position. The Chancellor will have the final approval. This process will remain in effect indefinitely until changed or modified, in writing, by campus administration.


The following information is required for positions to be considered by the Budget Committee:

  • Completed Vacant Professional Position or Authorization to Fill New or Vacant CL/TE/SM Positions forms (with appropriate signatures)
  • Position Justification Form
  • Updated job description
  • Updated organizational chart

Once these forms and steps have been completed, the position request can be considered by the Budget Committee. These requirements apply whether the position follows the normal approval process or the electronic expedited process.

  1. When a position becomes vacant, Human Resources (HR) will send the current job description and a position justification form to the department.
  2. The department will review and amend the job description, the position justification form, and return both documents to HR along with a current organizational chart.
  3. HR will review and revise the job description and route the new job description, the position justification form, organizational chart, and the authorization to fill forms to the manager of Accounting Services for budget approval.
  4. The manager of Accounting Services will forward the documents to the vice chancellor for administration and finance who will add this as a discussion item at the next scheduled Budget Committee meeting. Requests for position approval must be received in the vice chancellor’s office at least three days in advance of the scheduled budget or cabinet meeting. The vice chancellor for administration and finance will forward all approved documents electronically to the Budget Committee.
  5. Hiring managers will have an opportunity to answer questions regarding their written justification to the Budget Committee.
  6. The Budget Committee will determine if the hiring process can proceed with the final approval of the Chancellor.
  7. Approval/disapproval will be noted on the authorization to fill form by the vice chancellor for administrative affairs and routed to HR for their action.
  8. Human Resources will communicate Budget Committee decision to the hiring manager.

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